Our new album feel young is out!!!!!! 


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Needlepoints is a Philly-based band. And they are very, very cool.
— Free People
Wow. Are Needle Points fun or what!
— New York Music Daily
Needle Points is a band from an alternate universe in which the 70’s never ended
— The Deli
Needle Points is an attitude of laidback good times, the kind of vibe that makes chicks shake hips and dudes keep their shades on all night long
— The Weekender
The quintet, which formed in 2013, creates a blend of old-era psych rock and street boogie
— Relix



Needle Points is a 6-piece toddler-aged boogie band from Philadelphia.  Their first release Bom Tugangu is a 6 song boogie punk experience borne out of their friendship.  After the release of a couple singles, "Cripple Street" followed by "Babes," they released their first full-length on 9/23/16 which was recorded and produced by Dr. Dog frontman Scott McMicken, a Philly hero.  The album is available on vinyl and in digital format their their own record label Needlove records!


They have come from the far reaches of Tugangu, the most distant island, bringing with them the power of peace and psychedelia. Love them and let them love you. It will be the best sex you'll ever have.